It all started in the Fall of 2013.  My friend Pete asked me  “Wanna bike across Canada?”  I responded with something like “Sure.”  This started the months of research, mostly into gear (we are both gear whores).  I am sure neither of us really thought it would actually happen, that is until we bought our bikes in the Winter.  That and telling a bunch of people that we were doing it.  Some expressed disbelief, but most thought it was a great idea (I think mostly because they didn’t have to do it) and expressed their support.

The plan:

1. Take a train to Halifax (Try not to get beat up, thanks for the warning Mom)

2. Bike to Vancouver

3. Survive

I should perhaps mention that neither one of us are avid bikers.  Until the Spring of 2014 I had never even been on a road bike, as I always favoured mountain bikes.  We are in moderately good shape, although our training regime (Ha!) took a backseat to our schooling and other responsibilities.  We managed to get some training in, although not as much as we planned, or would have liked to.


It was amazing the hurdles we had to leap before we even started the trip.  We had to figure out our gear, then when that gear wouldn’t work out for various reasons, we had to figure out our gear again.  As I write this, two weeks until we leave, we still have some finer points to figure out.


I will be taking care of the blog.  This will be my first try at informal writing, more of a personal journal really.  My name is Taylor and I am one half of this crazy amateur bike trip across Canada.


One thought on “About

  1. Hehehehe! I biked from Burlington Ontario to Vancouver. Yup did it all by myself. Nobody else with me. Just me and my Honda CB350. Camped off road in the middle of the deep dark forests
    next to a fire road often. All my cooking was done over an open fire rain or shine. Froze my a** off outside of Wawa. Was in the fall and the temperature dropped to 26 deg Farenheit that is around -5 C. on today’s scale. Met lots of wonderful folks on my travels and loved every minute of it except the first couple of days where being alone in the deep dark woods with no human sounds or company was damned scary.

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