Off We Go!


Today is the day! Here we are, sitting at the train station, way earlier than we needed to be. The great VIA staff, here in Cobourg, helped us out and it took less than 10 minutes to get the bikes and luggage sorted.

We got up this morning and said goodbye to my wonderful Mom, thanks for letting us take over your house for a couple days! Also thanks for feeding me and letting us use the hottub.


My amazing Dad drove us to the train station, thanks for lending me your truck for two weeks! Of course we stopped and he treated us both to breakfast, thanks again Dad. Of course I forgot to get a picture of my Dad and I.

So here we wait. Soon to spend the next day and a half heading to Halifax, followed by three months of heading to Vancouver. We are not sure how things will be, that’s part of the adventure. The only thing we know is that you never really know. This trip is about getting outside our comfort zone and having an adventure.

This starts my first experimental venture in blogging, as well as my first bike tour. See you on the East Coast!



4 thoughts on “Off We Go!

  1. Good luck!! looking forward to reading about your adventure, I’m sure it will be epic and filled with some interesting stories! 🙂

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